About The Gray Label

It has been a life long dream to open my own store! As a kid I've always loved fashion and styling outfits. As I got older I wanted to wear all the latest trends and boy did I. There are some that I certainly regret! 

As I got into my 30's and 40's, also being a working mom, fashion changed a lot! I wanted to purchase quality staple items that I knew would last a few years. Also finding a store to shop at in your 30's and 40's is a challenge! Forever 21 is not Forever 41! There is no go to store or one stop shop.  I was having a hard time finding some of the trendier pieces that were appropriate for my age group. I also needed pieces that I can wear to work, happy hour, working from home and kids activities. Let's not forget runs to the grocery store and Target...very important!

I got a little more taste of more hands on fashion after having a blog with my bff. But after finally listening to my gut, I decided it was time. Time to do something about it and open my own store. I search and hand pick each piece. If I wouldn't personally wear it, then it's not going to be on this site ;)

I will also try to link things I would pair with items that I do not sell. There are some things I won't be selling, like jeans and some shoes.  I feel like jeans are very personal. Once you find a brand that you love, generally you stick with it. I will always recommend Good American jeans, they are my favorite. That is one company that has mastered a jean that looks amazing on everyone!

I hope you enjoy the items that I pick and style for you!



PS: My favorite colors are black and white. My favorite season is fall and winter except I hate the cold (makes no sense). My guilty pleasure is basically anything on Bravo.